Fascia & Soffit Replacement

Atlanta Fascia Board Replacement

atlanta fascia board replacements

From the ground, it may appear that the soffit and fascia boards just need a new coat of paint. But once you get up close and probe the wood, it may become obvious that they're beyond repair and need to be replaced. Please call us if you need to repair your soffit or fascia boards.

atlanta fascia board replacements
atlanta fascia board replacements

What causes the fascia board to rot?

Fascia boards rotted at the peaks of gabled roofs often are due to holes or cracks in the shingles immediately above. Shingle caps are laid over the sharp ends of the mitered fascia or trim boards, and the point of this joint often is higher than the end of the rafter and decking. Large holes may let water into the cornice area between the house and fascia board. Also, fascia boards can be damaged when shingles fail to direct water into gutters due to missing shingles or gutters that have pulled away from the house.

Garcia Gutters will inspect thoroughly around the areas where rotted wood is found to insure there will be no more leaks or water damage due to missing shingles, improper alignment of boards or holes in the wood.

Garcia Gutters will replace the damaged wood with our previously primed boards, we can also paint the fascia boards any color you like upon request and upon the furnishing of paint. Please schedule an estimate if you suspect that you have leaks or water damage around the fascia boards, do not leave it for tomorrow, these type of problems can lead to major structural damage.